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Every physician has, or should have, a sense of mission and I am no different in this respect.  And out of that mission and my medical practice has grown a philosophy of medicine that I call the Health Coach philosophy, in particular a philosophy about the proper relationship between a doctor and patient.  On these pages I will explain this philosophy, perhaps slowly, but steadily, beginning on the next page.  But first my Mission--and then read on.

Mission: My Vision

To teach and direct patients towards enhancing and optimizing their own ability to experience a self-directed health in body, mind, emotion, and spirit. To coach and educate patients to create loving and harmonious social relationships within safe, supportive, and nurturing environments (promoting family values) and thus help evolve towards a world that interacts for the benefit of all mankind and respect for all life.

As your Health Coach, my purpose is to: 

Provide excellent comprehensive patient care, promote optimal health, and improve your quality of life

Deliver a broad range of office based (surgical, medical and psychological) ambulatory, and outpatient care along with services that reach out to our community

Enhance your self-esteem, and empower you to shape your own life in a self-directed course consistent with your goals and belief systems.

I will:

Meet your physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs within a trusting, safe, caring, and loving environment

Understand and advocate for the needs of our diverse community and meet those needs within a timely responsible manner

Ensure coordinated, quality care by fostering partnerships with your families, other health care providers and community agencies

Provide a healthy, creative and rewarding extended family environment

Be a leader among community healthcare givers through continuous self improvement, innovation and never ending commitment

I believe in:

Compassion, dignity, respect and the sanctity of all life; 

Honesty, trust and effective communication; 

Respecting patient and family confidentiality; 

Appreciation, value and respect for my staff, patients and community;  

Clinical competence, upgraded skills, and life-long learning

Responsible and appropriate utilization of available resources 

I love what I do and feel very privileged in the trust, love and warmth given to me by my patients.

About This Web Site

This is not your typical doctor's web site. Rather than just repeating medical information you can find elsewhere, I aim to give you what I think you want: carefully distilled basics about some common medical, psychological and social problems we are facing today, their treatments, both evidence based and anecdotal, based on my experience.

Let's look at healthcare today. We all know that medical technology and its delivery systems are changing rapidly and in radical directions. These changes affect everyone, especially the patient and the family-practice physician. I see these changes as both a challenge and an opportunity. As technology changes, I continually re-evaluate treatment methods. As healthcare delivery changes, I look for better and better ways to honour my relationship with my patients. For some, change creates anxiety. For me, it is change that keeps me on the cutting edge.

The Health Coach Philosophy