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Cross out the title - it's wrong!  The twenty-first century part is right, and Health Coach is right (that's what this is all about), but not the doctor-patient part. That's all over. Read on.

Table of Contents
(This is a work-in-progress.  But click each Chapter for a summary of its future contents.)


Chapter One.  The Doctor-Patient Relationship Before the Twenty-first Century

Chapter Two.  The Coach-Trainee Relationship

Chapter Three.  Assessing Health Performance (Summary Published)

Chapter Four.  Setting the Health Training Program (Summary Published)

Chapter Five.  Ongoing Review of Health Performance (Summary Published)

Chapter Six.  The "C" Word (Summary Published)

Chapter Seven.  Maximum Nourishment and Aerobic Power (Summary Published)

Chapter Eight.  All About Women

Chapter Nine.  And Men

Chapter Ten.  Coach's Tips on Sexual Health

Chapter Eleven. All in the Family (Summary Published)

Chapter Twelve. A Note On Longevity (Summary Published)


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