Chapter Twelve
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     Under ideal circumstances, in the absence of toxins, pollutants, stress, alcohol, carcinogens, accidents, crime, and, of course, genetic adversities, a healthy individual is "designed" and "built" to survive for a duration of one hundred and twenty years. We North Americans pride ourselves with cliches such as "early retirement," senior citizen," "geriatric," and even "octogenarian"--all of which represent a little more than fifty percent of the human body=s potential lifespan-warranty. Yet, despite modern medicine's technological advancements, the average lifespan in the western world is in the mere mid seventies. Why is there such a discrepancy? Clearly we are doing something wrong.

     Winston Churchill said it best: "You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing....After they have exhausted all other possibilities." Well, we pretty much have exhausted most possibilities and the mortality and morbidity rates, which seem to parallel the billions of dollars spent annually on conservative and alternative medicines, speak for themselves.

     It's time to move forward and do the right thing and take charge of our own health. We must rely on our intuition and trust our judgement. Do mothers not know what's right and wrong for their children? Why then do many if not most adults lack the courage and confidence to take action and be proactive regarding their own health? Contrary to western dogma, the best things in life are free and that should start with health!

     This chapter is a collection of my favorite Aclinical pearls@ based on both the medical literature, my personal clinical experience, and good old fashioned common sense, all of which if followed early will certainly beam a smile to your face when you are asked. "Are you getting the most of life?@