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Health Canada is responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health by promoting an awareness of the dangers to health, protecting Canadians from avoidable risks and encouraging us to take a more active role in our health.

This excellent all Canadian content health site emphasizes the importance that the family, social, financial, physical, environment and personal choice factors make in the overall influence on personal health. It will familiarize one with much of the political health-care issues facing Canadians at the federal level and the policies and guidelines recommended for many medical social and mental health conditions. Check out the LCDC Publications section, as well as excellent compassionate policies on AIDS, Mental Health and Palliative Care which makes one proud to be Canadian. The best Canadian health site for medical and non-medical persons. (Warning: This site is not recommended for Octogenerians as the home page blatantly tells you the Canadian life expectancies, 81 for females and 75 for males. When you log on, your monthly cheques may be terminated as retroactive GST (Geriatric Sex Tax) will be deducted and you will be penalized accordingly).

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