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The goals of this site include:

  1. To publish original, rigorously reviewed, and expeditiously released clinical articles with the depth, breadth, and credibility needed to improve the science and the art of medicine
  2. To improve public health world-wide through free access to relevant health care information wherever there is an online connection
  3. To provide, unfettered by political or business ties and open to all stakeholders, a forum for the responsible and balanced discussion of public policies related to health care
  4. To provide its viewers with a source of continuing medical education that will enhance the practice of medicine

I highly recommend this website which provides a free online forum for the dissemination of timely, relevant and rigorously reviewed clinical information that will improve the practice of medicine and facilitate the art of patient care. Although primarily intended for physicians and health care professionals, the excellent writing and pleasing graphics allows the general public to stay informed about recent health care developments in both clinical medicine as well as health policy issues and their impact upon society.

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