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Subject: Thrombopbhlebitis

From: Ann


Please tell me how to help with this condition.

Reply from Dr. Bazos:

The condition of thrombophlebitis (also called venous thrombophlebitis) means a clot or 'thrombus' exists in the venous system 'phlebitis' or veins. The cause of this process is unclear, but is felt to be related to the contributing factors of venous wall damage, stasis (e.g. inactivity) and a 'thick, sludgy slow flowing blood' (hypercoagulable state). The process may occur suddenly (acute), or over time (chronic). It may involve the external or superficial veins. Superficial venous thrombophlebitis (SVT) usually occurs in varicose veins and is clearly a result of static blood flow in these damaged vessels. If there are multiple 'wandering' type SVT may be an important clue to certain malignancies. Deep venous thrombophlebitis (DVT) is notoriously more variable and potentially life-threatening compared to SVT. The investigations and managements of the above types of 'thrombophlebitis' vary like night and day. There are entire medical and surgical journals dedicated to each of these different types of venous system problems.

To adequately help you I really must have more specific information about you and your condition (e.g. ,age, risk factors, birth control, hormone medication, smoker, other blood diseases, medication, operations, family history and so on. You may wish to check out this web site section under Visit the Office and initial medical questionnaire to get a general idea.

After you provide me with sufficient baseline information, then I will get back to you accordingly.

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