Questions to Ask
Health Coach
The Office
Ask the Coach

These are the questions that you want your Health Coach to answer during your visit.  It is a good idea for you to look at them as preparation for your visit.

1.  What is the name of my problem?
2.  What caused the problem?
3.  Will I keep having this problem?
4.  How can I stop this problem from occurring again?


1.  Should I take any medications?  Which ones?  What will the medication do? How should I take the medication?
2.  Do you have anything written about how this medication works?
3.  Are there any side effects associated with this medication and are there any I should be watching for?
4.  When should I call you if these side effects occur?  Immediately?  During office hours?  The next day?  At the next appointment?
5.  If I stop taking the medication, what will happen?
6.  Are there any foods or other drugs that I should not take while on this medication?
7.  Are there any other signs of symptoms that I should watch for and call you about?
8.  Do I need to limit any activities? How and which ones?

Lab and Diagnostic Tests

1.  Will you need to do any lab or other diagnostic tests?  If so, which ones?
2.  What will the tests tell you?
3.  Will someone call me with the results or do I need to call the office?
4.  How soon will I get the results?

Follow Up

1.  Do I need to see a physician specialist?
2.  When is my next return visit?
3.  Do you want me to call you to inform you of my progress?
4.  Emergencies: How do I reach you in case of an emergency during daytime and after office hours?