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Dr. Michael J. Bazos (Healthcoach) 
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Nurse Assistant

zoe.jpg (24224 bytes)Zoe literally means life, which is very appropriate and fitting for she brings both life energy, and a general sense of well being to the office staff and patients alike.

After completing her Honours program at Northern, Zoe pursued medical and paramedical pursuits at Seneca College. Her duties include office triage, electrocardiography, spirometry, monitoring patient vital signs, supervised injections, respiratory oxygen therapy, delivering immunizations and is an avid advocate of juicing.

Happily married, she is the proud mother of three: Alexander, Constantine and Natalie.

Zoe enjoys Greek music and belly-dancing and was voted Ms. Toronto at the CHIN picnic some years ago (she will not let us say when).

Office Administrator

anna.jpg (27023 bytes) Anna is a graduate at the University of Toronto, majoring in Psychology and Human Behavior.

Her tasks include scheduling appointments, patient demographics, computer analysis, booking tests, referrals and special procedures. 

Anna enjoys contemporary music, body imaging and is an avid Raptors fan.

(Medical Transcriptionist)

pat3.jpg (33323 bytes)Pat has been with the healthcoach since birth. She is his eldest sibling and has been a constant source of strength and support.

The proud mother to 3 lovely ladies Stefanie, Jennifer and Effie, Pat is also the youngest team grandparent with her husband Gord to Stefanie's son little Jaydon.

Responsibilities include medical transcription of referral letters, dictaphone typing and e-mail management.

Patricia's refreshing sense of diplomacy has earned her the title "referee" to any conflict or dispute.

(Retired Team Members)

(Registered Nurse)

letta.jpg (20178 bytes)Has been with us since the beginning. Graduated in University of Athens, Faculty of Nursing , Class of 63 (that's 1963), Eleftheria's hard work, devotion to the patients, coupled with her passion to help people and her dogmatic viewpoints makes for an interesting and unique blend of characteristics. 

Eleftheria is intense and passionate in her beliefs and opinions. She is either hot or cold and never luke-warm on any issue.

She retired from us in 1998, is happily married to Anasatsios, and proud mother of son Dr. Jeffrey Daskalakis pursuing his post-graduate work in Psychiatry in Toronto.

Currently, Eleftheria enjoys spending much of her extra time with her only grand-child, Anastasios Daskalakis.